How to Get Points and the Rules

This year’s pool will go from March 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016 (at 11:59pm). It’s winner-take-all, so the person who accumulates the most points throughout the year wins the ENTIRE pot.
1. You will pick 20 people using the rules below.
2. When one of them dies we subtract their age from 100 and you get those points.
3. The following BONUS POINTS will also be awarded:
5 extra points if you are the only person who made that pick.
10 extra points for anyone who dies in August.
10 extra points for anyone who dies on Christmas Day.
10 extra points for murder, suicide or drug overdose.
13 extra points for anyone who dies on the 13th of any month.
Clear your entire roster and get 100 bonus points.


1. No one on death row as of Feb 28, 2015 can be on a list.
2. All picks must have a national element of celebrity, fame, or political relevance. The death must be announced and/or confirmed by a NATIONAL news source (any US national source, but no obits from your local news).
3. It is your responsibility to make sure your picks are 1/ human, 2/ currently alive and 3/ of relevant celebrity before the year begins. Feel free to ask if you have questions, but you do not get to edit after submitting the list so check before sending it.
5. You may not cause the death of any pick personally (unless it’s self-defense and proven in a court of law).
6. At the end of the year if there is a tie, the winner between those tied will be the person with the most number of picks dying in the roster. If it’s still a tie, winnings will be split.
7. NEW RULE 2015: Your lists have some very random names. Good to think out of the box, but even Satan can’t keep up with the ‘barely-a-celebrities’. We will catch as many deaths as we can (but we watch cable news stations, Satan likes Fox News). YOU are responsible for keeping an eye on your own obscure names. You will have 1 month after the death of someone on your list to notify the commissioners or you will forfeit the points.

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